When you need a logo or image vectorized, or turned into a "line art" file, we can assist you.  Vectorized images are useful for spot color printing, die-cut vinyl, router cut lettering and engraving.

What is a vectorized image?

A vector image is made up of lines and curves with the color being filled in.  This type of image does not use pixels which allows for it to be scaled to any size without loss of resolution or clarity.


Why do I need a vectorized image?

An image with pixels (or a Raster image) allows for great detail because every dot can be a different color. 

Raster images are great for rich, full-color images, like photographs but they do not resize well and when enlarged by even a little can cause the image to appear grainy. 

A vectorized image can be resized without grainy results as it does not have pixels. In order for your company logo or image to look its best, the image should be vectorized. This allows for a consistent design across all media.  Therefore, your logo will look identical and professional whether it is on a business card, a website or a vehicle wrap. 

OUR services

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With more than 20 years of experience in the design field, we create stunning visual concepts for a wide array of applications.

Whether its a logo, a sign, business cards, vehicle graphics or the full package of business materials, we will assist you in creating exceptional printed images of your ideas.

When branding or re-branding your company or organization, we can create striking designs that will make a visual impact on potential clients.  When there is consistency between all of your marketing materials, your image and logos become more memorable.

Text Layout

We are skilled at newspaper and magazine layout including typesetting, ad design and placement.  We have worked on several bi-annual projects with exceptional and professional results.

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